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    Please note: Each co-resident must submit separate application.
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  • Certification of accuracy & agreement to application

    Landlord relies on the information given above to be complete and accurate in order to act on your application in a timely manner. Any false statements misrepresentations, inaccurate information or failure to supply the data requested above may serve as a rejection of your application. Applicant hereby unconditionally and irrevocably authorizes Landlord to immediately release this information to any rental research service (collectively "Researcher"), and hereby authorizes Landlord and Researcher or their agents, to investigate Applicant’s criminal history, employment history, housing history, credit history (through any and all credit reporting services), as well as any other investigations that Landlord or its agents deem necessary (collectively the “Investigation”), and to release and disclose the Investigation to facilitate Applicant’s housing needs. Applicant understands that Landlord and Researcher use software programs to assist them in the Investigation and that Landlord may input Applicant’s information into such programs. Applicant hereby agrees to Landlord’s and Researcher's privacy policies and all other applicable privacy policies that receive Applicant’s information. Landlord's and Researcher's privacy policies shall be made available to Applicant upon request. Applicant hereby releases any and all claims against Landlord or Researcher regarding the use or disclosure of the Investigation.By submitting the application, you are authorizing the use of any credit reporting/screening agencies to verify credit, and validate all information recorded above. Further, your submission authorizes the management and the credit reporting/screening agencies to later exchange credit information. I/We hereby deposit with owner/agent the sum $(input amount below) of as a security deposit. The initial security deposit is received by landlord as a deposit for rental of the premises shown to applicant. Applicant agrees and understands that the deposit secured is refundable only if landlord rejects the application. If either (a) before completing the approval process, landlord is notified by applicant that he/she is no longer interested in the apartment, or (b) this application is approved by landlord and applicant refuses to enter into landlord's lease for the above referenced apartment within five (5) days of such approval then the initial rent deposit shall be kept by landlord as compensation for cost and damages due to applicant’s failure to enter into the lease. This application in no way binds landlord to accept applicant as a tenant. In the event this application is accepted, all of the tenants listed above shall be required to be on the lease and only those individuals listed in the lease shall be entitled to occupy the apartment.
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